Hello, and welcome to our LUU Backstage Blog. Over the next few weeks we’ll give you a taste of what we want to do with this space – our ideas include some fun ways of getting to know our members, a peek behind the curtain of our shows, some clever and interesting how-to guides and whatever else interests us- and how you can get involved. We hope this will become another window into the life of LUU Backstage, on top of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (search LUU Backstage). We want most of the writing to be done by you, the members, as well as the committee. We will be asking crews from different shows to write about what they’re up to, offer any advice, tell us amusing stories from show week and to upload lots of photos. More than anything, we want this to be a space to help people get involved, whether you are sitting backstage, stuck in the library, or half-way across the globe. So, without further ado, welcome, and let the games begin!

Posted on 27th December 2014, under , by Sally.