Free Training Courses!

Some of you may or may not be aware but many sound/lighting companies hold various training sessions – and a lot of them are free!! Further down this post there is a list of training you could do and what the prices are/whats included.


I went to the Soundcraft Vi training over this past Christmas holidays and it was a really good way to get to know the ins and outs of the desk and actually have some time to play with it, instead of being constantly rushed to get a show up and sorted in time for the Tech. The course even came with free lunch!


If you are interested in something like this, then do not hesitate to sign up for one. Just make it clear that you use their desks (if you often design then you are also teaching newer members how to use the desks) and you are likely to be accepted on to the course.


Unfortunately the majority of them are not in Leeds but you may be able to find some in your area at home and if there is enough interest we could potentially organise a Backstage trip to go to one nearer to Leeds.


Dates for Soundcraft Vi training can be found at They are free and come with a free lunch!


Zero88 (orb) training: Again free and come with a free lunch


Digico Free


Martin £125 + VAT per day




Written by Kat Ellis


Posted on 27th January 2016.