And we’re so excited! If anyone missed it, here’s what happened. It started in Old Bar, the pub in the union basement, meeting the new freshers AND THEN, one of our members told us that we could go to the Riley to┬ásee Hypnodog for free! We originally thought Hypnodog was a rapper but it actually is a hypnotising dog. So, of course, we moved the social upstairs to watch. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see the dog hypnotise because of logistical issues but we were allowed to stroke the dog afterwards. Next, we went to Terrace to chat before heading down to the first Top Gun of the year!   hypno dog 11917985_1034314886599228_1886928850_n  

Posted on 28th September 2015.

Freshers Week 2015

For the first official Backstage blog post I thought where better than to start with freshers. For thousands of students this is their first week in Leeds and the fairs are their first glimpse of societies. We think our Backstage stall was pretty great (as shown below) so I thought anyone who couldn’t make it to the fair could see what they missed with this beautiful Instagram-filtered photo of two of our lovely committee members Amy and Jordan working our stall. We hope you all made it but if not, don’t worry! FRESHERS ISN’T OVER YET! So please come to our events over the next few weeks: We have welcome drinks on Thursday 24th September in Old Bar at 7pm (TODAY) on Friday 2nd October Give it a Go in the Riley Smith Hall at 6pm, afterwards you’re invited to drinks in Old Bar and to curry. To end freshers with a bang its Backstage’s 20th birthday party on Sunday 11th October at 4pm in the Riley Smith hall!


Posted on 23rd September 2015.